LED CANOPY LIGHT 50W/75W – 3000/5000K UL&DLC


The LED 50w Canopy Light is extremely durable and maintains its luminosity for 50,000 hours, which significantly reduces the replacement and maintenance costs associated with halogen and halide lamps (traditional lighting). This is the perfect lighting option for everything in between shopping malls to storage areas. This LED 50w Canopy is extremely environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost effective.

This newest design is light weight and allows the lumens to be perfectly distributed, wasting less light than other types of traditional lighting.

The polyester powder coated, heavy duty cast aluminum protects it from rust and corrosion. The polyester cover is designed to be shatterproof and shock proof. It is also sealed perfectly for further protection from dirt and bugs, and functions in places with high moisture between the temperatures -30c to 40c. All the parts including the screws and gaskets are stainless which is allows it to be used in places of moisture.


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